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Customized your running vest

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The running reflective vest is designed for running, cycling and climbing; it is geared towards runners and cyclists. This vest is Sleeveless design that won’t impede arm swing along and with storage pockets for keys and other small essentials. Also, they’re suitable for dog walkers and others who share the road.

This kind reflective vests that offer up to 420 degree reflectivity along with adjustable straps for the perfect fit. Some vests also have LED lights for enhanced safety. You can also find vests that come with extra reflective straps or wristbands. Many vests are available in several sizes to ensure a more personalized and comfortable fit. You can also add reflective tape or reflective piping to your running clothing by yourself.

If this want to browse or customized a wider selection of safety vest you can visit our website to find the right one.

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