Crash saver - reflective tape

[ Click:2890 ]    [ by Linda, CHINASTARS  Oct 8, 2015 ]

Every year, about 19,000 rider were injured by traffic crash in UK. We think it is more important to solve how to avoid an accident, than how to survive from an accident. We are developing to improve the safety of traffic environment to reduce the accident, such as increasing reflective tape area of rider, making the rider wears high visibility clothing etc..

Reflective paint is a newly developed product which could reflect the lights when at nighttime, just like reflective fabric. In daytime, the reflective paint is un-visible and it is high visible only at night or low light condition. The reflective paint is applied on garments like safety vest, bags, and bikes easily, and its reflection could last for 10 days. If you don’t need it, just wash the clothes and it is easily washed, no any bad results on clothes.

But the reflective paint is not produced for bulk and it is not bought from everywhere, while you could use reflective fabric instead. Chinastars reflective fabric could solve the safety problems well and offer you various solutions. For any question, please feel free to call us.

reflective tape


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