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Choose the right class of reflective clothing

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Many of our customers have questions about what kind of reflective clothing they should choose for themselves or their employees. Some people know about the standard for reflective clothing, but they still don’t know what level of the standard matches with what kind of job. Today let me tell you the choices of reflective clothing in different situations.

For class one reflective clothing, the workers who could work in this class may include: those workers directing vehicle operators to parking/service locations; those workers retrieving shopping carts from parking areas; those exposed to the hazard of warehouse equipment traffic; roadside “right-of-way” or side walk maintenance workers; and delivery vehicle drivers.

For class two reflective clothing, the workers who has more risk levels which exceed those examples above, such as: roadway construction workers; utility workers; survey crews; railway workers; forestry workers; school crossing guards; parking and/or toll gate personal; law enforcement personnel; and accident site investigators.

About class three reflective clothing, the most of the workers are exposed to significantly higher vehicle speeds, and have high risk in danger. For instance, roadway construction personnel; utility workers; survey crews; emergency response personnel; flagging crews; towing operators; and road assistance/courtesy patrols.

PS: These Guidelines serve as an assessment tool only. Certain specific conditions such as atmospherics, sight/stop-distances, training, regulations, proximity, etc. must be considered. Extreme conditions might exist which require performance levels in excess of Class 3.

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At the meantime, do not forget to choose your right class level!

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