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Chinastars safety vest for workers

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Employers can make an economical safety investment by purchasing the Safety Vest from Chinastars for their workers, while giving them the benefit of dependable safety supplies. 

The Safety Vest from Chinastars is a reliable option for workers across the country that need visibility and is not required to wear American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved traffic safety vests. The safety vest protects workers on construction sites and in maintenance where traffic is at a minimum, helping them to stand out in many areas.

This non-profession use vest provides excellent daytime visibility with its bright, fluorescent color. What's more, this vest features a lightweight, breathable and durable polyester mesh construction that is ideal in warmer temperatures, hook and loop front closure, and adjustable size with elastic side strap to keep workers comfortable in any conditions. And reflective tape can make sure you will be seen at night.

Provide your warehouse workers, event pedestrian personnel, and lawn, park, building, and grounds workers with high visibility protection anytime they need it with the CNSS® Hi-Vis Economy Safety Vest.

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