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Chinastars mesh safety vest

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Workers on busy roads and highways, construction sites, and in any environment with moving heavy equipment or traffic need protection they can wear to be seen and safe. The mesh safety vest from chinastars delivers a comfortable safety option.

The Mesh Safety Vest from Chinastars can be worn comfortably by workers. The polyester knit mesh vest features a generous fit design and a verlcro front closure to adjust the size. The vest provides bright hi-vis fluorescent colors, in a choice of orange or lime, and 2 inch ANSI Class 2 certified Reflective Material for exceptional daytime and nighttime visibility in high-traffic areas.It can be washed up to 25 times without losing visibility or brightness.

This traffic safety vest complies with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 107-2004 class 2 standards for high-visibility safety apparel. The gear's reflective fabric stripes allow motorists to see workers in any conditions, while the product's breathable mesh offers a lightweight, comfortable fit.

To make employee be seen and be safe at any workplace or worksite with the CNSS® Mesh Safety Vest.

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