Professional Reflective Fabric and Safety Vest Manufacturer in China Since 2003

Chinastars ensures worker safety

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  Chinastars has been engaged in the research, development and production of reflective materials and clothing for over 12 years and is now the largest manufacturer of reflective material and high visibility clothing in China. We are the supplier of Volvo, SAAB, Michelin, Opel, Toyota, Bosch, BMW, Chevrolet, Renault, Coca Cola, NYPD, Lufthansa, Emirates, Fortis Bank and many other well known brands.

  Chinastars use the best quality reflective and High visibility materials. Reflective High visibility identification clothing has become an essential safety feature in most industries and emergency services. The safety of the worker is now paramount. We will not only satisfy this need but improve on it by designing garments for your specific application. We pride ourselves on quality and service.

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