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Chinastars Reflective shell fabric

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Reflective fabric is more and more used for sports and outdoor industry. A lot of famous sport brands create high visibility collection with reflective shell fabric. How to find reliable and suitable reflective shell fabric for your reflective jacket?

Chinastars is the largest manufacturer of reflective shell fabric in China; we have been in this industry over 14 years. Our reflective shell fabric is high quality and certified by international standards, enjoying high reputation in the worldwide market.

Reflective shell fabric includes reflective shell fabric non stretch, reflective tape, reflective shell fabric stretch, colored reflective shell fabric etc... Different reflective shell fabric has its own feature and is suitable for different application.

Compared to the normal reflective fabric, reflective shell fabric is softer, lighter weight, better hand felling, better tear strength, anti-wrinkle etc... These features make reflective shell fabric the best choice for reflective jackets of sportswear.

If you have any questions or requests for the reflective shell fabric and other reflective material, please feel free to contacts us.

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