Be prepared with high visibility rainwear

[ Click:2314 ]    [ by Ray, CHINASTARS  Jun 21, 2017 ]

  The rainy season is coming. While we need the rain to help nature transition from winter into summer, it will cause quite a mess for anyone who works outdoors. Job sites become muddy, messy and flooded. Materials are slick and slippery, creating an increased risk of hazards. Wet clothes and a wet body during a long, cold workday are not only uncomfortable but also a perfect recipe for getting sick. If you're working in these conditions, you need the prepare with the hi vis safety raincoat.

  Our safety rainwear is made from a lightweight breathable polyester material and reflective tape. It is 100% waterproof, featuring taped and sealed seams and a waterproof zipper to eliminate water penetration. Adjustable wrist cuffs on the jacket and ankle cuffs on the pants allow for a superb fit while preventing excess entry of water, giving a higher level of dryness, even in strenuous working conditions.

  CNSS Rain Jacket and Rain Pants offer a new level of confidence and comfort throughout the workday. If you're serious about productivity and safety, you'll find that these garments of reflective material give you a great advantage for working in wet and rainy weather.


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