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Be fashion and safety on Christmas Day

[ Click : 2858 ] [ By Coco Lin ]

Christmas is the biggest festival for the west countries. Every family will decorate their Christmas trees and make it beautiful; children will receive the gifts from Father Christmas. The Christmas Day is similar to Chinese New Year, everywhere is jollification. In this good day, don’t forget to take a reflective tape to keep safe when you go out to meet friends.

As we all know, Holidays and Festivals is easier to cause an accident than ordinary days, because there are more people go out for celebrate. There are traffic jams in highway road and the way to downtown, many pedestrians died in accident because the driver can’t see them clearly from a distance. Safety vest is a useful clothing to keep safe, but it will be not very fashion, we will wear some fashion clothing when we go out to play or see movies, although it’s not very safety. Then how to keep us be fashion and also safety at the same time?

Safety vest is made by reflective material fabric; it can reflect the light, enhance visibility and keep your safe. Many fashion clothing is made with reflective tape now, its fashion and safe, I think it’s a good choice, or you can wear a reflective material band on hand, it’s small but also useful. So, what is your choice?

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