Be Sure to be Seen


There is no doubt that running or walking is the most common way of exercise in our daily life, people running or walking before sunrise and after dusk in the summer. Because the weather is much cool and they will feel comfortable. However, some of them don't have enough safety sense. They just wear regular T-shirt without any reflective elements.

    Wearing a reflective vest is a good choice and it's important since drivers are more likely to see the reflective or glowing light when it's in motion. But it is inconvenient for exercise. So we can wear reflective gear on your arms or legs, rather than buying a range of bright reflective commuter clothing. Actually, we can just purchase one or two stable reflective tape to layer over your everyday clothes, giving you less restriction over what you can wear. So say good-bye to boring high vis clothing with these super hip and unusual stylish reflective clothing brands.

reflective tape

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