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Depending on your line of work, you might glad to hear that you could be a little more comfortable this summer in your safety gear. Because we are now carrying a pair with reflective material of high visibility, ANSI Class E compliant work shorts.

These hi vis shorts offer relief from the scorching summer sun and high temperatures without sacrificing your safety. It’s manufactured from a durable, all-season solid polyester; the shorts feature dual 2-inch reflective tape for enhanced visibility. The lightweight fabrics make a huge difference over most hi vis pants, letting you enjoy maximum breathability and an increased range of movement.

High visibility shorts are ANSI Class E compliant, meaning that you can still achieve ANSI Performance class 3 when they're worn in unison with an ANSI Class 2 or Class 3 rated top.

While full-legged pants might be a requirement in the workplace and some people will always prefer the added protection of covered legs as compared to exposed, these shorts will still be a lifesaver for many workers whose jobs require high vis safety gear. They're ideal for outdoor jobs that require no risk of exposure to chemicals or loose and potentially hazardous materials. For example, shorts might not be practical for labor intensive jobs like road construction or concrete work, the safety vest and reflective pants will be better, but a surveyor or a traffic flagger would likely benefit greatly from them.

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