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Application of reflective fabric tape on safety clothing

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Reflective fabric tape can be sew on the high visibility warning clothing, and take significant effect on enhancing the visibility of wearers at night.

High visibility warning clothing is widely used for various outdoor workers, using a wide range. In our country, many kinds of outdoor occupation, outdoor practitioners are huge in quantity, according to the current statistics, in 2009 China's fire team staff of about 400000 people, the armed forces of about 1000000people, environmental protection workers about 210000 people, nearly 3000000 of the coal mine workers, and a large number of road construction, road maintenance, oil workers, aviation, maritime operations ground, mining exploration and other outdoor workers. These workers are required to configure the occupation of at least two sets of high visibility clothing. Coupled with high visibility warning clothing short service life (some foreign countries for single use), each of the high demand for high visibility warning clothing to occupation.

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