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Always stow the safety vest within reach in the car

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In Germany, it is a legal requirement to have a vest in your car. If it is missing, a fine of 15 Euros may be due.

At least one safety vest is required in the car. But to have it ready in an emergency, it shouldn't disappear under mountains of luggage in the trunk.

It is better to store the mandatory safety vest in the vehicle so that it is always within reach. Dekra experts advise that it is always at hand in an emergency.

To be able to grab it quickly from the driver's seat, it is best to keep it in the glove compartment, under the seat, in the door compartment, or a pocket on the back of the front passenger seat. Under no circumstances should it be in the trunk, as it should already be on when you get out.

In Germany, one vest is required by law per vehicle. If it is missing, a fine of 15 Euros may be due. The Dekra experts advocate having one for every occupant. Buyers should pay attention to the EU standard "EN ISO 20471: 2013".

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