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A wide variety of reflective clothing

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We often can see the police safety vest with printing a “POLICE” logo, Chinastars can print “police, traffic, security” and other words in the front or back of reflective clothing, and also can print a variety of customized logos, slogans on reflective vest. Reflective clothing can be divided into reflective vest, reflective T-shirt, reflective jacket, reflective raincoats, reflective rain pants, reflective school uniform, reflective casual clothes, reflective traffic police uniform, and sanitation workers reflective clothing.

Reflective material including reflective tape, reflective PVC tape, reflective webbing tape, high reflective fabric, high reflective silver fabric, elastic reflective fabric, colorful reflective fabric, reflective yarn, reflective heat transfer film, flame retardant reflective fabric and so on.

Reflective tape has a good reflective effect, especially in the evening or dark place, they can be eye-catching. The reflective tape can play as high as the daytime visibility, make pedestrian safer. Reflective material played a very large role in protection on the outdoor staff, traffic police, road commanders, sanitation workers.

Chinastars keeps continuous innovation these years, make the fashion into the reflective vest and reflective casual clothes, so that more and more people accept and wear reflective clothing.

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