A traffic safety lessons for sanitation workers

[ Click:2132 ]    [ by Coco, CHINASTARS  Feb 27, 2018 ]

The sanitation worker’s working life is always with threatened by road accidents. Recently, the Hangzhou traffic police in safety vest take a traffic safety lessons for sanitation workers, so that sanitation workers can work with more safely on road.

It is understood that the police is seriously collecting information, make a safety courseware with elaborate, and select a number of cases involving traffic accidents of sanitation workers. There are more details about the road traffic safety knowledge; police remind sanitation workers should always pay more attention to their safety on the road, strict in accordance with the provisions of wearing reflective vest. In the bad weather, they should take more security measures to protect themselves, enhance self-protection awareness, to avoid the occurrence of traffic accidents. At the same time, Police use some common traffic offences as the antithesis textbook, and analyze the dangers of traffic violations. According to the sanitation staff feedback, this is the best traffic safety education lessons they educated.

In addition, the police appeal to the majority of pedestrians, starting from the details, take a reflective tape or wear reflective clothing when go out at night, consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations, and strive to be a civilized traffic participants, responsible for our lives and others.

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