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A Festival of reflective material - Hangzhou Marathon 2016

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The Hangzhou International Marathon is approaching! Every year on the day we can see runners wearing colorful reflective vest, converging into a shinning stream, and this year is no exception.

Event items including:

Full marathon (42 K)

Half marathon (21 K)

Mini marathon (6.8 K)

Family run & couple run (1.2 K)

As an annual activity, first Sunday of each November comes the race. The Marathon race will celebrate its 30-year birthday this year, and it is going to begin on 6th, Nov, 2016, in Dragon Sports Center. Registration starts from 26th, Sept - 2nd, Oct. Bring all your energy, reflective ribbon or reflective armbands, join the big party!


1. In case of raining, a raincoat with reflective tape is necessary;

2. Bring some water to avoid dehydration;

3. It is better to have your body examined before participating in the race

4. Warm up is really important!
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