5 Popular Reflective Vests For Australia and New Zealand market


Today I want to introduce some popular design reflective safety vests for Australia and New Zealand market. This market's standard is little different from the EU and North America market. The government's requirement is AS/NZS 4602.1 Class D/N. Class D means the vest can only be used for daytime using and Class D/N means the vest can be used for both daytime and nighttime.

1. Class D reflective safety vest

  reflective vest

This is the basic daytime using vests, we also call it a fluorescent vest. The piping color usually uses black color or yellow color same as the fabric or orange color. Customers usually want to do simple printing onto the vest. The kind vest's price is very competitive as it without any reflective tape or pockets on it. In order to save some cost, sometimes, customers usually use horizontal hook and loop instead of the vertical type. In this way, it can make the vest to be one size fits all types. And many factories owners usually purchase lots of them for their workers.


2. Simple Design Class D/N reflective vest

  safety vest

This is the basic daytime and nighttime using safety vest. Color can be fluorescent yellow or orange or red. The design is very similar to the EU or North American's one horizontal and two vertical safety vests. But in Australia and New Zealand market, customers usually need longer vertical reflective tapes and they prefer grey color piping which looks similar to the reflective tape color.

3. Class D/N reflective vest with multi-function pockets

  reflective vest

This kind of design vest is highly popular in their market. It has three pockets on it. One PVC pocket which allows you to insert the ID card and two big side patch pockets at the bottom of the vests. AS/NZS 4602.1 Class D/N somewhat is similar to ANSI/ISEA 107 standards. As it also requires the vest must have the vertical reflective tapes, at least 15cm. The reasons why it requires 15cm vertical reflective tapes are that governments have done research and found out that the traffic accidents also happen frequently on the people who have already worn the safety vests. But they found that it happens more onto the people who only wear the vest with horizontal reflective tapes. Then they found that if add the vertical reflective tapes on the vest, it can avoid much to some extent. Because when people who wear it doing a bend, then the driver can also see them clearly.

4. Class N/D safety vest with a tail at the back of the vest

safety vest

This kind safety vest is very special and only popular in Australia and New Zealand market. They have two different designs. One is 120gsm knitted fluorescent yellow or orange or red fabric with AS/NZS standard 100% polyester fabric backing reflective tape. The other is 120gsm knitted fluorescent yellow or orange or red fabric with AS/NZS standard PVC reflective tape. But now the Chinese domestic market’s PVC reflective tape cannot pass the standard. Therefore, they need to import the certified PVC tape, in this way, the vest’s cost is much higher than the polyester fabric backing reflective tape vest. Based on this, the one with polyester fabric backing reflective tape is more popular. As you know, market competition is more and more fierce.

5. Class N/D long sleeve safety vest

safety clothing

Well for the long sleeve safety vest, the customers also prefer a tail at the back of the vest like the above short sleeve type. And the design of the long sleeve safety vest is much different from EU or North American’s designs. From the point of my view, I like the Australian design as it looks more beautiful than others. Anyway, safety is the most important thing. In the back of the vest, some customers also need a cross reflective tape to help drivers identify the front and back of their wearers. For the front closure, they prefer zipper front. And also add a simple PVC pocket on the vests.

Chinastars has exported reflective safety clothing to Australia and New Zealand market since 2002. With free import duty from China, we have got more and more orders. If you have any related inquiries about our reflective clothing or some customized designs, kindly please feel free to contact us. We will never let you down.

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