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5 characteristics of reflective materials

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Reflective materials including reflective fabrics, reflective tapes, reflective heat transfer film and are widely used in our daily life. It is not only superior to other similar commodities in reflective effect but also has a wide angle. That is to say, it can achieve outstanding reflecting effect when light is incident from a maximum viewpoint on the surface of reflecting cloth.

Reflective materials have a wide range of applications. They can be used in safety vest and straps, work wear, coats, rain gears, raincoats, sportswear, backpacks, gloves, shoes, and hats, etc. The reflective material can also be designed into characters or silk-printed trademarks and patterns. In addition, the reflective heat transfer film series can directly apply to the appearance of different kinds of cloth.

Reflective material is a product closely related to the safety of people's lives and property. It can reflect the far direct light back to the luminous spot. It has an excellent reflex optical function in both day and night. Clothes made of this high visibility reflective fabric can be easily detected by night drivers, regardless of whether the wearer is far away or disturbed by light or scattered light. And the fabric is also very convenient to wash, easy to dry after washing. Especially in the special industry, the choice of reflective fabrics customized work clothing is also a better choice.

Reflective materials have the following characteristics:

1. Reflectivity: The reflective brightness of reflective fabrics is excellent. Especially in the night or poor vision environment to provide the most effective and reliable personal security.

2. Wide angle: When the light is incident at a maximum angle with the surface of the reflective fabric, the good reflective effect can still be obtained.

3. Diversity: Reflective fabrics to match the characteristics and uses of other products, there are reflective cloth, reflective heat transfer film, reflective webbing, reflective ribbon, reflective yarn, reflective piping, and other products to meet people's different needs.

4. Durability: Reflective fabrics have good aging resistance, wear resistance and washability. Can be washed or dry cleaned, not easy to fall off, after continuous washing, still can maintain more than 75% of the original reflective effect.

5. Flexibility and extensiveness: Reflective fabrics can be used in a wide range of fields, such as safety vest and belt, work wear, coats, safety raincoat, sportswear, backpack, gloves, shoes and hats, and reflective heat transfer film can also be cut into characters or silk-printed trademarks and patterns. It's both fashionable and practical.

It is believed that with the continuous improvement of reflective technology, its scope of application will be more and more extensive.

reflective material

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