Sanitation workers wear reflective clothing


n the rain, most sanitation workers wearing safety raincoat were sheltering in the doorways of shops, not only tired, but also obstruct the business of doing business .Some sheltered under a tree until the shower passed.

  Social commonweal activities of commercial Bank are ongoing. During business hours, now they can sit warm and spacious banking hall shelter from the rain. Not only supply free hot water, also receive gifts hand cream, band-aid, microwave meals...... It is very warm heat. Set the love rest area; provide a rest for the sanitation workers who wear reflective safety clothing, a shelter location. All outlets will be equipped with basic sign language service personnel, to meet the special requirements of sanitation workers, already had some outstanding achievements and good reputation.

     As local banks, they are very concerned about sanitation workers wearing reflective vest to work from dawn to dusk. They will continue to fulfill their social responsibility in future, disseminate more positive energy, and make more contributions to public welfare.

 Sanitation workers wear reflective clothing

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