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Safety vest is important to our life

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Safety vests are becoming more and more popular and play a necessary role in people's life.

Many people may be more concerned about the news that the car equipped with reflective vests. But what is going on, maybe many people do not particularly know. Today for this information, we give you a detailed report, hope to help you.

Foshan Traffic Police Vehicle Administration said that the implementation of the new national standard "Technical Conditions for Operational Safety of Motor Vehicles" did indeed have similar provisions. However, it is understood by everyone that the correct formulation is that since January 1, newly manufactured vehicles and manufacturers to be equipped with a reflective vest when the new car is shipped. It does not require the owner or driver to buy it. Vehicles manufactured prior to January 1, 2018, but not yet on the cards, as well as vehicles in service, did not require the provision of a reflective vest.

Therefore, with the requirements of reflective vests, only for car manufacturers, riders need not be too nervous. Even if it should be an annual review, it is only for the original factory car on January 1, 2018.

Well, on this information, today to share with you here, and more information on the reflective material, all on our official website, look forward to the pro's attention and support oh. So Reflective vests play a safety and warning role at night or in special weather conditions.

In the production and life, especially in traffic engineering, the safety vest plays a special security role. This reflective safety vest is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, steel industry, machinery industry, petroleum industry, ambulance, parking lot, airport, traffic police and outdoor work or construction, etc. It is a good safety warning product.

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