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Riding safer with your reflective vest

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In recent years, more and more people participating in riding. But also need to pay attention to safety during the riding. A lot of safety equipment for riders is essential, especially sports reflective vest can give you added protection. But the night-light, low visibility and safe riding is very important. The following lists are a few small series reflective fabric riding tips, I hope to help fans better enjoy the riding life.

First, do not try no familiar with the route. If you really need to explore new routes, preferably about a few riders go with you.

Second, Before you start cycling, do some warm-up exercises. Because riding is a term of lasting activities, while at night the temperature is relatively low, slow blood flow, muscle and joint viscosity is relatively high, if not warm up in advance, it may cause injury.

Finally, the most important one: Always follow traffic regulations, not through a red light. Or cross the cornering, learn to use gestures communicate with passing vehicles and don't forget reflective tape on your bike.

In short, the choice of what kind of ways to be environmentally friendly and low-carbon, safety always comes first. We hope these few suggestions to help fans better enjoy the night riding life.

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