• Black reflective pants
  • Black reflective pants
  • Black reflective pants
  • Black reflective pants
  • Black reflective pants
  • Black reflective pants
  • Black reflective pants
  • Black reflective pants

Black reflective pants

  • Fabric: 300D oxford with PU back coating
  • Tape: Certified silver reflective tape
  • Lining: 80gsm fluorescent yellow mesh lining
  • Pocket: 2 slash pockets on both sides, pockets customizable
  • Waistband: Elasticated waistband with drawstrings
  • Season: Spring, summer, fall
  • Size: S-4XL, other sizes available on request
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Feature: Light weight, beathable, highly reflective
  • Application: Waterproof reflective pants, matches with some raincoat
  • Class: Non-rated
  • Packing: 1pc/poly bag, 50 pcs/carton
  • Delivery time: 30 days after receiving payment
  • Departure Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
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1. Built for the ourdoorsman who values high reflectivity, breathability and comfort.

2. Two pockets on both side for containing your items.

3. Elastic and drawstring waist for your comfort-fit. 

4. The product has 360 degree silver reflective tape encircling each leg to enhance visibility and protect the user.

5. The product complete the set with the matching Class 3 hi-vis reflective rain jacket.

6. The way of logo imprint: silkscreen, full color heat transfer, reflective logo imprint. 

7. The regular styles can be shipped out immediately. We can print your won logo or text in various colours. Changing the colors, reflective tape, fabtic or adding pockets, etc. are also available. Please contact with our sales if any specific requirements are needed. 


S / M








Up to 48"

   Up to 54"

   Up to 66"

Note: All sizes are customizable.

Looking for Waterproof Reflective Pants? Look no further than our lightweight ANSI/ISEA 107 Class E reflective rain pants with elastic waistband and 2 inch silver reflective tape. Our reflective safety pants complete the set with the matching Class 3 hi-vis reflective raincoat.

reflective raincoat

Most of our heat transfer film contains aluminum layer, and sweat /oil/ water stains may occur if the surface of the product has direct contact with hands during application and is then exposed to hot and humid conditions. Even though these blemishes won’t affect performance of the product, we strongly recommend handling the reflective fabric with gloves and keeping them in the environment of below 26.7 °C (80 °F) and lowering than 70% relative humidity.

reflective heat transfer film temperature limit reflective heat transfer film humidity

Some suggestions for extending the life of reflective heat transfer film on safety clothing:

1. When do machine wash, you may use a mild detergent, but No Bleach or Fabric Softener!
2. Try to avoid wash the garments with your work jeans or any clothing with rough fabric or edges. The microscopic
glass beads on the retro reflective fabric can be worn off by rough texture.
3. Try to line dry your garments. If you choose to machine dry, try to remove the garment immediately. The added
heat can damage the reflective fabric.
4. Try to wash your garment inside out.
5. Try not to wash reflective garment with other dark garments that might bleed. Stained fluorescent material may
cause a reduction in its performance. Our fluorescent materials do not bleed, rest assured to wash them with
light color garments.

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