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  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle
  •  Reflective raincoat for motorcycle

Reflective raincoat for motorcycle

  • color: black
  • material: polyester peach skin&PVC
  • Reflective part: Patterned silver reflective heat transfer film
  • Size: S, M, L (customizable)
  • Net weight: 600g
  • Logo imprint: Customizable
  • Closure: Snap fastener
  • Packing: 1pcs/poly bag
  • Port: Ningbo or Shanghai
  • Application: Motorcycling
  • Product Features
  • Size Guide
  • Care Instruction
  • Factory Show
  • 1. It is a great reflective raincoat designed especially for motorcyclist, which provides maximum visibility and wet weather protection for drivers who have possibility on roads, highway, construction site and other outdoor area when rains.

    2. This awesome motorcylce raincoat comes in 2 colors, black and dark red, and would be perfect in your high-vis collection.

    3. The raincoat thoroughly covers your entire body and it has a transparent PVC material on the front lap for the head lights of the motorcycle.

    4. The waterproof hood designed with two snaps and a  see-though PVC material, which will not obscure your vision of the road.

    5. Reflective material on the body and hood help you to be seen from 360-degree direction.  

    6. made from high-quality waterproof fabric which is soft and durable that can last a long time.

    7. Logo imprint is available! You can also customize your own raincoat by changing the color, reflective parttern, fabric etc. We keep stock for regular styles, and can send out as soon as possible.

    8. Storage bag included.


  • Size front length(CM) back length(CM) width(CM)
    M 131 110 140
    L 135 115 145
    XL 140 120 145
    XXL 145 123 150
    XXXL 145 125 153

    Note: All sizes are customizable.

  • Recommended washing cycles and washing temperature for the safety garments tested and approved for: 25x40°C.

    1. When do machine wash, you may use a mild detergent, but No Bleach or Fabric Softener!

    2. Try to avoid wash the safety garments with your work jeans or any clothing with rough fabric or edges. The microscopic glass beads on the retro reflective fabric can be worn off by rough texture.

    3. Try to line dry your garments. If you choose to machine dry, try to remove the garment immediately. The added heat can damage the reflective fabric.

    4. Try to wash your garment inside out.

    5. Try not to wash reflective garment with other dark garments that might bleed. Stained fluorescent material may cause a reduction in its performance. Our fluorescent materials do not bleed, rest assured to wash them with light color garments.

    garment care instruction

    ExperienceAs the largest reflective material and safety clothing manufacturer in China, our decade of experience allow us to know deeper about your demands, and provide you with professional suggestions towards international standards and popular styles.
    DesignOur design team has learned over decade of experience how to combine fashion with safety, and design products that not only have good performance but also look fashionable . Customization is available for each product.
    Q&COur products are manufactured in accordance with international standards using qualitative raw-material sourced from the famed vendors. Certifications we have: Oeko-Tex 100, EN ISO 20471:2013, ANSI/ISEA 107-2010, NFPA 701 etc.
    Trade ShowWe attend various international trade shows. Our customers include: Volvo, SAAB, Michelin, Opel, Toyata, Bosch, BMW, Chevrolet, Renault, Coca Cola, NYPD, Lufthansa, Emirates, Fortis Bank and many other well known brands.

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