CSRG-JR01  Gradual change color reflective cloth

Gradual change color reflective cloth Gradual change color reflective cloth
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CSRG-JR01 Gradual change color reflective cloth 1 / 4

Backing fabric: 100% polyester
Width: 140cm
Daytime color: pink-grey gradient color (Customized)
Reflective coefficient: grey color >330 CPL, pink color 5~10 CPL
Application: designed to be incorporated into fashion clothing or casual wear.


  • 1. Colors and base fabrics customizable to meets various customers' requirements.
  • 2. Highly reflective performance. The grey part reflectivity >330 cd/lux/m², pink part reflectivity around 10 cd/lux/m².
  • 3. Gradient color reflective fabric is soft and light-weighted, make it ideal fabric for outdoor garment and fashion wear.
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