You need to put in a car kit


A first-aid kit is necessary and an extremely important thing that should be in every car. However, not the fact of its presence is valuable, but it's content.

A first-aid kit in a car is not an accessory to avoid fines, but a need that could potentially save the life of you or people nearby. Therefore, it is imperative to regularly check its content, shelf life of medicines, manufacturers.

In the event of an accident, you need to be able to respond quickly and provide first aid. A well-equipped first-aid kit is needed to assist victims before the ambulance arrives.

Necessary components of the first-aid kit in the car:

Nitrile gloves. They must be worn before touching the victim. Gloves can prevent the transmission of many blood-borne infectious diseases. This is your safety.

Reflective vest and reflective triangle to indicate the place of an accident. It is also a matter of your safety and the person injured.

Harness. If a person has severe bleeding that cannot be stopped with a dressing or direct pressure, a tourniquet is a necessary thing in this situation. It must always be applied above the site of injury, but not on the joint.

Bandages. To control minor bleeding with direct pressure, you should have several gauze bandages. For dressings and fixation - somewhat elastic.

A triangular bandage is required to secure the tires.

Atraumatic scissors for cutting clothes.

Thermo-blanket (life-saving blanket) for warming the victims.

Fabric-based roll adhesive for fixing dressings, tires, etc.

Alcohol wipes for cleaning the skin from pollution.

All other medicines that you may need on the road, it is better to store in a separate medicine cabinet. This will help not to get confused at the moment when you need to quickly respond and provide assistance to the injured person.

You need to put in a car kit

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