World Internet Conference cause a traffic jam in Hangzhou


On Dec.16-18.2015, 2nd World Internet Conference was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang province. Wuzhen is near Hangzhou; only take 20 mints by high speed train from Hangzhou to wuzhen.

During the meeting, Zhejiang government paid much more attention to the safety of the society, in order to keep each place in safety. Most of the policeman or fireman wore high visibility safety garment as below were arrange to the railway station, bus station, airport, high road way to keep the safety.


Most of the leaders from China and the world were lived in Hangzhou for a rest on Dec.15 or even much earlier time to enjoy nice sightseeing of Hangzhou, so On Dec.16 morning, people in Hangzhou were jammed on the way to office no matter your are driving a car or take bus, almost most of the road in Hangzhou was traffic controlled by the government, in order to leave way for the leaders to go to wuzhen. We see traffic police in safety vest arrange the car flow on the street, So everyone arrived office late, some of them were more then 3 or 4 hours later, everyone was crazy for that.

From the picture you can see, reflective vest can keep you safety when you are on the road or high way in night time, the reflective tape or reflective material used on the garment can keep you safety in a far way, so if you have any requirement for the reflective material and safety vest, please contact with Chinastars, we can give our best price and service.

World Internet Conference cause a traffic jam in Hangzhou

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