Why a safety vest cannot be stored in the trunk of a car


Last spring, amendments to the traffic regulations came into force, obliging drivers who leave the car for one reason or another on the highway at night to wear a reflective vest. Obedient car owners bought luminous clothes but threw them to hell into the cargo compartment. But keeping the luggage in the trunk is not a good idea.

Traffic rules were replenished with clause 2.3.4, which states that the driver is obliged "to wear a jacket in the event of a forced stop of a vehicle or accident outside of settlements at night or in conditions of limited visibility while on the roadway or curb, a vest or a wrap vest with strips of retro-reflective material that meet the requirements of GOST 12.4.281—2014."

Drivers who leave the car without a vest after the accident are fined as much as 1000 rubles by Article 12.27 of the Code of Administrative Offenses. To the same steering that got out of the car to meet the need, smokes a cigarette or for any other reason, the traffic police are more loyal. Violation of article 12.29 of the Code of Administrative Offenses entails an educational conversation or material sanction, which facilitates a purse of 500 rubles.

It is curious, but not one normative legal act indicates that the driver must always carry a reflective vest with him. In other words, during the standard verification of documents, the traffic cop does not have the right to demand a driver present a cloak. However, this does not prohibit him from cunning: the traffic police officer may ask the helmsman to get out of the car, expressing a desire to inspect the car.

Yes, inspection. We all know that inspection is a voluntary procedure involving only a visual inspection of the vehicle. Most of our "colleagues" get confused in legal terms, as in those very three pines. For those who do not know: the inspector can ask the driver to leave the car only during the inspection, which requires an iron base, two witnesses and, of course, the protocol.

To avoid this, carry a reflective cloak in the cabin. Anyway, do not forget about it. And the point here is not so much in sanctions as in elementary security.

Why a safety vest cannot be stored in the trunk of a car

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