When do I have to wear the high visibility vest


In our cars, it is necessary to carry various mandatory security items. One of them is the emergency triangles, which we have talked about in-depth, explaining how and when to use them. Another essential element for our safety, and mandatory equipment in every vehicle, is a high visibility reflective vest. When should this high visibility vest be used? How many high visibility vests should you take in the car? Can I be fined if I don't wear the high visibility vest? In this article, we solve all your doubts about this security element.

Is it mandatory to wear a high visibility vest in the car?

The answer is a resounding yes. The high visibility vest is a mandatory safety element in every vehicle. It is mandatory to carry it in the car since 2004, and its mandatory nature is included in the Traffic Regulations of January 23, 2004, together with that of carrying at least two warning triangles.

How should the vest be?

The vest must be red, yellow or orange, and must have at least two horizontal reflective bands, at least 5 centimeters high. It must be certified according to the European standard EN-471 for use in passenger cars and industrial vehicles.

When should the high visibility vest be used?

If we are forced to stop our vehicle on an extra-urban road, either on the road itself or on the shoulder, we must get out of the car with the high visibility vest on. Yes or yes. The most common situations in which we will be forced to use it will be in case of breakdown or accident, but we must always wear it if we leave the vehicle on any type of road, highway, or highway. We must wear it when we go to put the emergency triangles and if we are standing or behind the guardrail - waiting for roadside assistance, for example.

When do I have to wear the high visibility vest

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