Cycling jacket: when and where it is mandatory


When cycling, looks and safety don't always get along. The irresistible appeal of fashion or the desire to identify with the idols admired on TV often leads Sunday cyclists to neglect the basic aspect. Weak road users have always been lovers of two wheels and must put in place conduct that protects them from those additional risks, having to dodge many of them when they find themselves engaging the roadways open to other vehicles. The obligations include that of wearing a jacket in certain time slots. Let's find out which ones and what they are about.

Cycling jacket

According to the provisions of article 182, of the Highway Code, "the velocipede driver who drives outside inhabited areas from half an hour after sunset to half an hour before its rising and the velocipede driver circulating in the galleries are required to wear the high-visibility reflective vest or suspenders, referred to in paragraph 4-ter of article 162". Athletes engaged in a competitive event are exempt from wearing it, as enshrined in Article 68 CdS paragraph 3. Failure to use it is subject to the administrative penalty from 24 to 97 euros.

Bike mandatory devices

The high visibility retro-reflective vest or suspenders must have indicated the CE and UNI EN 20471 marks and must also be worn in the tunnel. For some time now, the Highway Code has banned the circulation of bicycles without visual signaling devices.

Which cycling jacket

Rainproof, windproof, thermal. When it comes to cycling jackets, the imagination (and necessity) of cyclists travel fast. To comply with the regulations even in summer, if you have been traveling at night or early in the morning, you must necessarily have braces, to avoid putting on an antithetical burden at the temperatures of the period. In winter, to be in order, one must rely on thermal jackets with clearly visible colors: white, yellow, red and green are the most popular, while the total black that characterized the first years of the new century is not recommended.

Traveling safely by bicycle is imperative for anyone who gets in the saddle, for work or passion.

Cycling jacket: when and where it is mandatory

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