What to pay attention to save and avoid unwanted charges


Summer 2019 is still ongoing and with it, there has been and there is still a surge in requests for car hire. So here are some tips to keep in mind when hiring a car to save money:

Surely the first advice is to compare the various online offers on the various comparators such as Rentalcars or directly on the websites of the rental companies.

The second suggestion is to check all the commissions, the various taxes, and the accompanying services. They are sometimes mandatory.

Bring the car back to where it hired will make a good saving,

avoid the full/empty policy proposed by some rental companies to ensure that the rates are lower in the quote phase. The company will deliver the car with the full charge for the cost that will be higher than the market price. Obviously the car will not have to be returned with a full tank but if fuel remains inside it will not be refunded and finally,

you should never underestimate the time of collection and delivery. The rate based on the exact 24 hours.

If you should touch even an hour you will have to pay the full day's fee. Attention to the schedules and also to those of opening of the offices in how much to return the means out of them will involve the accessory expenses.

Avoid unwanted credit card charges when renting a car: Here are the suggestions:

Check that the exact name of the driver appears on the booking voucher. Changing it or adding another will increase the cost,

The credit card must have the numbers in relief and must head to the first driver. Online it will be possible to find solutions even with prepaid cards but if there is a deductible to be paid or an accident occurs then the rental company could create problems,

Always read the terms "accepted" or "declined" on the rental contract as you could sign extra services,

If the final price is different from that shown on the voucher it will mean that additional services have been included. If they have not been requested it must be communicated to the operator and demand that the rental contract is printed again,

Be careful to choose the right fuel and put it in the right tank. If this is not done, maintenance costs may be required,

We must then carefully observe the car that is offered to us to hire. Companies tend to minimize dents, perhaps by pointing them out later, the advice is to take pictures and videos and finally.

Check the trunk well, the reflective vest, the spare wheel, and the triangle must never be missing. If there are not, you will have to write on the collection card as the risk is that they will be charged at the end of the rental.

Finally, let us remember that the car seat for children raises the price that sometimes can even reach 30 euros per day, so the advice is to take it from home. By following all the tips given, it will be possible to save a large amount on the car rental.

What to pay attention to save and avoid unwanted charges

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