What should young cyclists and their parents remember


Cyclists under 16 are required to use a bicycle helmet when cycling. The parent example is important here.

Bright clothes, like reflective vests, make the cyclist noticeable to car drivers who can respond in advance to the traffic situation. A bike that is serviceable and suitable for a child in size, comfortable clothes and shoes will make its move on the bike more comfortable and safe.

Cyclists under 10 years old can only walk on sidewalks, pedestrians, bicycle, bicycle, and pedestrian paths and in the residential area.

From 8 years old, a child can move along the roadway together with parents. You can ride a bicycle on your own on the roadway from 10 years old if you have the rights of a cyclist (the rights of a cyclist are mandatory at the age of 10 to 15 years when driving on the roadway).

When driving on sidewalks and paths for easy movement, the cyclist must consider pedestrians and not expose them to danger. In case of a collision with a pedestrian, you must not leave the scene if there are victims. If necessary, call 112.

When crossing a zebra road and elsewhere, it is safest for a child cyclist to dismount and cross the road while driving a bicycle nearby.

Stop! Take a look! Make sure! - the rule that a young cyclist must follow at any intersection of the roadway.

Riding a bicycle with headphones listening to music is dangerous. This distracts from movement and makes it difficult to perceive the whole traffic situation, which is difficult for a child.

Parents should discuss with their child how far and where they can ride a bicycle, and how safe the chosen route is.

You must test how good your child's bike control skills (especially braking) are at the training ground or in the yard before he sets out on his own for longer distances.

What should young cyclists and their parents remember

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