What do you risk in the event of a bicycle traffic violation


Even if you cannot be deducted from your driver's license when you cycle, the police can punish cyclists' misconduct.

With the explosion of bicycle trips from confinement, it may be good to know that cyclists are also subject to the highway code... and that they can therefore be fined from classes 1 to 4 depending on the offense committed. Bicycles, cars without a license, or agricultural tractors are also subject to the same regime.

For the moment, scooters do not fall within this framework, but that could change. The only difference with a motorist, it is the withdrawal of point... There are certain serious infractions which can result in a ban on driving all motor vehicles!

If you do not risk being withdrawn on a bicycle, a judge can prevent you from driving a motor vehicle depending on the seriousness of the offense. Indeed, if you are checked into a state of intoxication on the handlebars or if you put the lives of others in danger, then you will no longer be allowed to drive for a maximum of 5 years.

Fines 1 st class:

This fine can be imposed on you if you drive your bike while on the phone. It is forbidden and it is punishable by a fine of 11 € (then 33 € increased)

2nd class fines :

Night traffic without a high visibility vest or phosphorescent yellow reflective vest will cost you € 22 on-site, then € 35 or € 75 if you do not pay on time.

A fine of 3 rd class:

Is your braking system incorrect or defective? You will have to pay € 45 and up to € 180 if you pay after the deadline.

And the 4th class?

They are the most severely punished but are consequently mistakes made! Driving while on the phone, denying priority to a car or a pedestrian, and this may be 90 € in a row or 375 € if you are deadbeat.

What about parking?

In Paris, bicycles are thrown on the sidewalks and become a rather unpleasant urban landscape. Be aware that in some large cities, putting your bike against a wall or along a sidewalk can be very expensive. The price of these fines is set by the municipalities and there is no maximum threshold!

What do you risk in the event of a bicycle traffic violation

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