Waterproof Reflective Fabric: How It Works and Its Uses


"Reflective fabrics are being used more and more in various industries, so people now expect more from these reflective materials. From multi-color options to customized backing fabrics and various reflection effects, the requirements are growing. Moreover, customers are now looking for good waterproof performance in addition to high visibility reflective properties. To meet these needs, Chinastars has developed a new series of Waterproof Reflective Fabrics."

Waterproof reflective fabric how it works and its uses

How do they make reflective fabric waterproof?

Here's an introduction using the example of the SL-0025WPR Gray Reflective Fabric.

Chinastars waterproof reflective fabric SL-0025WPR is composed of wide-angle exposed retro-reflective glass beads bonded to a polyester cloth backing. It helps enhance the visibility of the wearer at nighttime when illuminated by a light source.

For better waterproof quality, this fabric laminates with 10K1 waterproof film onto the backside. This membrane prevents water penetration while still allowing moisture vapor to escape, ensuring breathability.

1: The ‘10K’ designation refers to the waterproof rating of the membrane, indicating its ability to withstand water pressure.

You can laminate different qualities of the waterproof film based on your requirements for waterproofing. Silver, colored and rainbow reflective fabrics are all workable with waterproof film lamination.

Whether used in outdoor gear, rain jackets, or safety coats, waterproof reflective fabric has wide applications.


  • Item No.: SL-0025WPR
  • Fabric backing: 100% polyester
  • Daytime color: Gray
  • Width: 140cm
  • Weight: 200+/-15gsm
  • Reflectivity: R>260 cd/lux·m²
  • Waterproof: 10000mm
  • Feature: Repels water effectively, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable.


The versatility of the waterproof reflective fabric makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. It is high visibility and water-resistant properties make it an ideal choice for outer shell fabric in activewear, such as high-vis rain jackets, waterproof coats, vests, and pants, where visibility and comfort are paramount. Additionally, it is durable construction and weather-resistant features make it suitable for various outdoor applications, including cycling gear, hats, umbrellas, etc.

Waterproof reflective fabric apply on bags jackets

How can you determine if the fabric is waterproof?

To check if a fabric is waterproof and how well it repels water, you can conduct various tests such as the water drop test, water resistance test, hydrostatic head test, etc. These tests help determine the fabric's waterproofing quality and its level of protection against moisture.

SL-0025WPR reflective fabric hydrostatic head test:

The Hydrostatic Head Tester is used to test the waterproof properties of fabrics through waterproofing work.

SL-0025WPR reflective fabric water resistance test:

Waterproof reflective fabric water resistance test

What is a good fabric waterproof rating?

Waterproof ratings are typically measured in millimeters (mm) and refer to the height of a column of water the fabric can withstand before water starts to penetrate through. A 10K rating means the fabric can withstand 10,000 millimeters of water pressure before it starts to leak.

Fabric Waterproof Ratings:

  • 1. 5,000mm: This is the minimum rating for a jacket to be considered rainproof; however, it won't withstand more than a light shower.
  • 2. 10,000mm – 15,000mm: A jacket in this range will withstand most downpours as well as heavy snow, but will soak through over time if subjected to pressure, such as crashing in wet snow, kneeling or sitting down, or a heavy pack.
  • 3. 20,000mm and Up: This is the rating you should look for if you plan to be out in all conditions carrying a heavy load.

SL-0025WPR reflective fabric with 10K waterproof membrane, prevents moisture from permeating the fabric, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Property Required Value/mm Measured Value/mm Result
Waterproof 10000 10287 Pass


Caring for reflective fabric

To maintain the performance and appearance of the reflective fabric, follow these care and maintenance instructions:

  • Machine wash in cold water with mild detergent.
  • Do not bleach or use fabric softeners.
  • Tumble dry on low heat or air dry.
  • Do not iron directly on the reflective surface.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Handling precautions

Most of our reflective material contains an aluminum layer, and sweat/oil/water stains may occur if the surface of the product has direct contact with hands during application and is then exposed to hot and humid conditions. Even though these blemishes won’t affect the performance of the product, we strongly recommend handling the reflective fabric with gloves and keeping them in an environment of below 26.7 °C (80 °F) and lower than 70% relative humidity.

Avoid excessive folding or creasing of the fabric, as this may compromise its reflective properties. Handle with care to prevent snagging or tearing of the fabric.

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