Useful tips for those who go on vacation


Are you about to leave for the holidays? Well, you already know that you won't be alone. The period of summer exodus begins. One is already behind you. But better to recap.

If you have forgotten your toothbrush, patience, you will buy it at your destination. Instead, there are some things - which you often don't think about before you leave - and that can change your journey.

The best days to leave will be from Tuesday to Thursday. As we get closer to Ferragosto, every weekend will be a journey of passion for those at the wheel. Tips: if you can't use the train, try to change the date.

A neglected car can become dangerous. It takes 5 minutes to do these small and simple checks. Windshield wipers for example. Replace them if necessary. With the frequent torrential rains this year, they can make a difference.

Open the trunk and look inside. Where is the reflective vest? And triangle? They are mandatory equipment. Even a torch should not be missing.

It is free to have the level of oil and water checked (even for cleaning windows)

It must have happened to everyone driving in a very dark street and being caught by anxiety so as not to see a dried fig. Remember that your car also has headlight lights. Have they all worked? Also, maybe you don't know that you can choose halogen headlights for cars, with deeper beams of light and maybe white light.

Onboard. There would be no need to repeat it, but always keep a good supply of water: driving dehydrated is like doing it after drinking alcohol.

The radio will naturally keep you company: maybe Isoradio on 103.3 which is always a mine of information. And finally, always be positive even if you run into some queue!

Useful tips for those who go on vacation

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