Use reflective transfer film to make the slogans of clothing


Many citizens find sanitation workers' safety vest posted with various slogans in China. "My hard work, please cherish" “see you throwing my heart is broken," “civilized, civilized, civilized, important things to say three times” Similar slogans on each sanitation workers’ uniform. These slogans are nowadays popular online, read easily for people to remember. Sanitation workers’ work is not easy; this action with the hope that people see these slogans will consciously control their behavior and take good care of environment. This kind of persuasion is very straightforward and effective, but these persuasions are difficult to see at night or when the weather is gloomy. If using reflective materials to make persuasion, then we can successfully solve this problem.

This reflective material is the reflective heat transfer film. Reflective heat transfer film can be customized, followed by ironing under appropriate blanching conditions; stay cooled to room temperature and then tears the protective film, so the design of the words on the clothes has a reflective function. Different fabrics are suitable for different reflective heat transfer films, for example, flexible fabrics require elastic heat-reflective film, fire-retardant fabrics require FR-reflective heat-transfer film, and waterproof fabrics require waterproof reflective heat transfer films.

Chinastars specializes in the production of reflective heat transfer film, there are high temperature heat transfer film, lettering dedicated high heat transfer film, silver heat transfer film, silver elastic heat transfer film, flame retardant heat transfer film, low temperature heat transfer film, hydrophobic heat transfer film and other types to choose from. Welcome to contact us for more info.

Use reflective transfer film to make the slogans of clothing

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