Car and truck drivers VS pedestrians and cyclists - a daily fight in traffic. If there is a fatal accident in traffic, the latter are usually the victims. The blame is often on both sides. But in the dark season drivers have to contend with a special challenge: the visibility of other road users. And this is given only insufficiently by pedestrians and cyclists. What can you do to protect yourself?

If it is dark or dull, motorists have to pay attention to many things. But also pedestrians and cyclists should make sure to be seen.

See and be seen in the traffic

But what can little-protected road users do to increase their visibility on the road? Light and reflectors are common and almost only answer. And you already have them in mind, the neon yellow safety vests equipped with reflective materials. Sure - but anything but stylish - and for the way to school or in the office a real impertinence.

Stylish reflector fashion or the courage to wear white clothes

The fact that a lot can be stylish can be proven by numerous sporting goods manufacturers and streetwear labels. Jackets made entirely of silver reflective material have numerous manufacturers in the program. Brilliant colors, reflective stripes and oversize are in trends for which one does not have to dig deep into the bag because far less expensive manufacturers and no-name products are taking up the current styles.

Many manufacturers - even beyond sportswear - now offer discreet protection by reflector-tucks that barely visible during the day and subtle applications. Incidentally, with the latter, you can also wear reflective clothing in terms of safety. And those who do not like it should resort to light colors and white in the dark. Because: safety beats style.

Reflector patches, reflective yarn, and stylish bike gadgets or DIY homemade is trendy. Accordingly, the range of reflective applications that not only transport one's personality to the outside but also provide style and safety, is correspondingly large. Crochet or knit a new winter hat, you can run a reflective in the dark thread. Also, the market offers a wide range of reflective arm and leg velcro straps that not only look smart but also provide protection and visibility.


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