Travel by car-accessories to always have onboard


The accessories to keep handy in the car to face and solve any possible inconvenience

When you embark on a long journey by car, to reach a tourist resort or a distant place, the unexpected is always around the corner. Many unpleasant situations can happen during the journey: having the right accessories onboard your car allows you to face and solve any inconvenience in the best possible way.

Inside your car, it is good to always have a flashlight, an important and vital tool for every motorist. The flashlight becomes essential in the unfortunate event that it happens to puncture a tire at night. Thanks to her, once you get out of the car wearing the high visibility safety vest, repairing the rubber will become a safer, easier, and faster process.

To better deal with any unforeseen circumstances, a pair of work gloves is used to protect your hands when you need to repair a tire or a mechanical failure, avoiding annoying abrasions and allowing the driver, or his passengers, to keep their hands clean. A very recommended purchase: in the shops, there are several at a cost of about 9 euros.

When embarking on a long journey to go on vacation, you often choose to leave at night to avoid unpleasant queues and traffic on the motorway. The driver cannot afford any kind of distraction, but his traveling companions have the opportunity to rest and maybe even take a nap. In this situation, a travel pillow becomes very precious, a tool that allows you to relax comfortably, without waking up with unpleasant neck pain.

Being left with a dead battery is one of the most unpleasant inconveniences to face. If this happens, giving it a light charge is the best way to get the car moving again and take it to the workshop. To do this you need another car and the appropriate cables to be connected to the car with the discharged battery that will transfer the electricity. The cables are available at prices ranging from 22 to 44 euros: the operation must be performed in total safety, always wearing gloves.

Other useful items to deal with the problems that can occur during a long journey are the pump with a nanometer, which costs about 40 euros, and allows you to inflate the tires or a first aid kit that includes plasters, gauze, scissors, disinfectants, and tourniquets. In some European countries, the kit is mandatory, but if it is not available, it can be purchased for around 20 euros.

Travel by car-accessories to always have onboard

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