Top Sale Reflective Fabrics in 2018


As we know, now more and more reflective materials have been applied to sportswear, outdoor wear or fashion wear, because of people's increasing safety awareness. Based on these market demands, Chinastars has also developed some new outer shell reflective fabrics to meet their various requirements. In the past 2018, Chinastars Reflective Company has made some conclusions about our top sale reflective fabrics according to our shipping data. Hope this kind of information will be helpful for your business. Kindly please see below:

1. Rainbow reflective fabric: This kind of rainbow reflective fabric now is the top one sales. For the daytime color, It looks very ordinary and you can even say it doesn't have any special part. But when come to nighttime color, then most customers are shocked by its reflection of various colors. That is why we call it reflective rainbow color. Usually, our customers use 100% polyester backing rainbow reflective fabric to make the reflective jacket or reflective accessories and use our TC reflective fabric to make reflective bags. The final end users are more likely to buy the rainbow reflective one rather than the normal one without reflective or normal white color reflective because of its reflective effect. Now the maximum width we can manufacturer is 140cm. You can not only use the rainbow reflective fabric as outer shell fabric but also use small width such as 1cm or 2cm, to make the rainbow reflective piping. We have the cutting machine and can customize the width as customers' requirement. By the way, small order quantity is also okay. As we all know, for the first beginning, many designers don't know the effects, so they need to order just a few meters to make samples and see its effect, then comes to mass order quantity.

2. 100% polyester reflective fabric: This is not a new product but now has some new application fields. The fabric can meet EN ISO 20471/ ANSI 107/ ASNZS/ OEkO TEX 100 international standards, has good quality. Before, most customers use this kind of reflective fabric as small width like 5cm to sewn onto the safety vest, jacket to meet the professional requirement. Now many customers use this kind of reflective fabric as outer shell fabric to make a reflective jacket or winter reflective jacket or even reflective shopping bags. On the one hand, this kind of fabric is a very good quality one, similar to 3M2925 reflective fabric's quality, but the price is much more competitive. That is why it is highly welcomed by our customers. Sometimes, in order to save some cost, customers will only use parts of the reflective fabric. What's more, we have opened a new factory with new machines, now our fabric width can reach 155cm wide, like the normal fabrics. In this way, it is more suitable for garment making, as it can save much production wastage. This is a very big advantage, as now most reflective fabrics factories can only make 140cm width.

3. Soft reflective fabric: This kind of quality reflective fabric is usually applied onto a medium to high-end garments. The backing fabric made of nylon fabric, much softer and comfortable than 100% polyester backing fabric. In this way, the price is also higher. On the one hand, nylon fabric is much expensive than 100% polyester fabric, on the other hand, the production technique is more difficult than 100% polyester backing reflective fabric. That's why the cost is higher. Now this kind of nylon reflective fabric's width can only be 140cm width, color is grey color and can also meet EN ISO 20471 standard. As this kind of reflective fabric is very popular among our customers, so we usually keep some stocks. Therefore, small order quantity is also okay with us. And we are also very willing to send some different small reflective fabrics' samples to you to check. So that you can touch the fabric and see which quality level you need.

These are top 3 sales reflective fabrics. Hope it will be helpful for your business. Chinastars will also share our reflective products' market trends from time to time on our website to let our customers know what they can do with our reflective materials. Also if you have any new ideas about reflective materials, welcome to contact us and discuss the details with us, we are very willing to develop new products together with you, thanks a lot.

Top Sale Reflective Fabrics in 2018

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