To make children more visible in the dark


The days are getting shorter again, it is the time of year when safety vests are increasingly used again. In addition, rightly so: The eye-catching items of clothing help to prevent accidents and to protect your children from the dangers of road traffic. Especially in the dark season, it is desirable to equip children in traffic with safety vests. Therefore, other road users will be much more likely to perceive them.

Safety vests are made of breathable and lightweight materials. They are easy to pull over the normal jacket and do not hinder. It is best if they are closed with a Velcro fastener, so the vest is quickly put on, fastened, and stripped off again. Characteristic is the reflective tape, which should be at least one centimeter wide and once around the reflective vest should be around. Only this way it is necessary to ensure that the child is clearly visible from all sides.

The color of the vest provides extra security. If you buy a model in a fluorescent signal color, such as yellow or pink, your child will not be overlooked even in daylight. Especially in the winter months, lies in the fact that most garments are sold like warm jackets in rather muted colors. In them, the child is much worse to recognize in a color that does not blur with the hazy background on the winter road.

If the children have to leave the house and go to school in the morning, it is still dark outside in the fall, winter, and early spring. Whether they are on foot or by bicycle, they are not easy to spot by motorists, and in the morning rush hour traffic on the streets are still a bit more dangerous than usual. Buy reflective vests with reflectors for your kids, they are in the light of the headlights are easy to be seen from far away, and the drivers drive much slower and more cautiously.

You can also buy one for yourself. For example, if you bring your child to school by bike in the morning, you will also easily to be recognized by motorists. If you find the normal reflective vests that you find in trading to bore and not very individual, you can also order some special designs. Children also like to put on vests with their own name. If you find that the reflective areas are not sufficient, you can buy additional reflective strips and fix them on the vest. How your child safely gets through the traffic!

To make children more visible in the dark

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