Tips for running in winter


Running keeps you fit. Even in cold and dark, you can jog outside. Because according to experts, sports at temperatures down to minus 10 degrees for healthy people unproblematic. But those who train outdoors in winter should pay attention to the right equipment.

The right clothing in cold weather

In cold weather, runners should wear gloves and a cap. The clothes should runners on the onion principle and wear several layers on top of each other.

Wear breathable clothing directly on the skin, which transports sweat to the outside;

Pull-on a sports jersey or a warmer fleece layer;

In wind or rain, wear a windproof or waterproof jacket;

Long tracksuit bottoms or tight tights protect against cooling;

Wear good profile shoes so as not to slip on wet ground;

When running, the body generates a lot of heat. Therefore, runners should not dress too warm.

Running strengthens the immune system

If you are out in the winter wearing the right clothing, you can strengthen your immune system. Fresh air and exercise improve blood circulation. Runners should inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. As a result, the air is already slightly warmed up in the lungs. Helpful is a cloth in front of the nose and mouth.

Warm-up slowly

In the cold, you should first warm-up slowly and increase the speed after a few minutes. Otherwise, muscle injuries threaten. Only with ice and snow, you should stay at home. After training it is important to remove the sweaty clothes as quickly as possible and to stretch the body.

Safety vests for better visibility

Who runs in the dark, should be visible to motorists and cyclists. We recommend a reflective safety vest. It does not have to be an expensive sports model - a cheap vest for the road ranges. The reflective materials on the athlete's clothing are often too small.

See better with headlamps in the dark

Special lamps for runners are worn on the forehead or strapped in front of the chest.

The weight of the lamp should not disturb while running.

The light should shine in the widest possible angle.

Many experts recommend taking the mobile phone in the dark. So you can get help in an emergency.

Tips for running in winter

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