Tips for cycling


In summer, the weather lends itself to bike rides. Before leaving, it is advisable to take stock of its equipment for obvious reasons of safety.

To ride safely, the cyclist must have a bike in good condition, well equipped to be visible in town and out of town, day and night.

In terms of lighting, the bike must include reflectors (reflective devices): red at the rear, orange at the pedals and for both that must be visible laterally. At night, or when the visibility is too low, a bicycle must also have a red taillight, as well as white or yellow light.

To allow the cyclist to signal his presence, the bike must also be equipped with a sound signaling system audible at a distance of at least 50 meters, as well as brakes on each of your wheels.

To travel out of town at night, or during the day when visibility is insufficient, all drivers and passengers of a bicycle must wear a certified retro-reflective vest.

For the youngest children, since March 2017, helmets are compulsory on bicycles for children under 12, even if they are only "passengers".

Tips for cycling:

Drive on the right side of the roadway or use bike lanes where they exist.

Keep a safe distance of at least 1 meter from other vehicles and do not zigzag between cars.

At the intersections, place yourself a little ahead of the vehicles to make you see.

Be careful of doors that open suddenly and children who can open between two vehicles.

Do not ride on sidewalks (only children under 8 years of age are allowed).

Traffic on the road:

When cornering, keep the right side to the maximum, because cars only see you at the last moment.

Be particularly careful when passing a truck: the air intake may unbalance you.

If you drive in a group, ride in pairs or single file. At night, when overtaken by a vehicle or when circumstances require, always place yourself in single file.

Mandatory equipment

The helmet, compulsory for children under 12,

Reflective vest, out of town, at night, or when visibility is insufficient,

Two brakes (front and rear),

Lights (white lights and reflectors at the front, red at the back),

Orange wheel and pedal reflex reflectors,

A buzzer.

Tips for cycling

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