Three things you should know about fluorescent vests in your car


As a motorist, are you obliged to put a fluorescent vest in your car? Should you do that if you have a car breakdown? And what about your passengers?

In many countries, to increase the safety of motorists, it is mandatory to put on a fluorescent jacket if you get out of your car in the event of a breakdown.

It is part of the mandatory equipment

The reflective safety vest is the first and foremost part of the mandatory equipment of your car, as is, for example, a warning triangle, a first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher. If you go to the car inspection with your car, it can be checked whether there is such a vest on board. During a road check, the police can also check whether you have a vest in your car.

You have to put it on sometimes

You are also obliged to put on the vest if you get out of your car as a driver at a car breakdown where you end up in a place where you are not allowed to stop or park. This obligation applies not only to motorways but also to breakdowns on motorways.

One for each passenger?

It is strictly enough that you put one vest in your car. The law also does not oblige your passengers to wear such a vest when they get out in the event of a car breakdown. Nevertheless, it is recommended for safety reasons that you provide a vest for each passenger. The use of such a vest increases the visibility of the person who wears it.

safety vest

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