The use of reflective ribbon



I believe most people are familiar with webbing, but webbing with reflective material is relatively less familiar. With the development of the times, people's awareness of safety is enhancing, so reflective products are no longer used by some special industry personnel, and daily life has begun to be popularized. Let's talk about some different uses of reflective ribbon.

1. Reflective jacquard webbing

High-grade nylon ribbon jacquard webbing, Jacquard patterns durable wear, never deformed. Brand jacquard webbing, logo clear, can increase the added value of products, and enhance the brand's image. Unique pattern jacquard can reflect the beauty of products and cultural differences while highlighting the designer's design philosophy. All three types of webbing can be added in the form of woven reflective wire, making it into a reflective webbing. Used in bags, pet belts, and belts.

2. Reflective elastic band webbing

Using the hot ironing process added reflective heat transfer films, excellent flexibility is not easy to deformation, and repeated stretching can also maintain a good elasticity. Can be used for knee pads, waist guards, hoods, medical supplies, and so on.

3. Reflective tape stitching webbing

Sewing reflective tape on the webbing, used for clothing, bags, shoes, and hats, has a warning effect.

4. Flame retardant reflective webbing

Material selection of special raw materials or special treatment, with flame retardant reflective tape, made of flame retardant reflective webbing, with wear-resistant anti-aging, flame retardant, and other characteristics, widely used in outdoor products, marine life supplies, fire equipment, military needs belt, gun belt, shoulder belt, parachute and so on.

Chinastars specializes in reflective cloth, reflective clothing products, a variety of reflective webbing, and other popular products.

The use of reflective ribbon

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