The strangest traffic rules in Europe


Even if the European Union means that legislation has been harmonized in most European countries, this does not mean that bizarre traffic rules have not survived in some places. From confiscating a car to paying for parking at newsstands, here are the strangest traffic rules in Europe.

Driving abroad seems simple - after all, the rules of the road are the same everywhere. Well, not really. Each country has its peculiarities, and some of them are unusual.

France: parking fee is paid at the newsstand

Parking tickets can be paid directly at a nearby newsstand, which is authorized to issue a receipt for this. Otherwise, the subsequent payment is significantly higher. Also, watch out for rain! Speed ​​limits are reduced by 10 km / h when it rains (on express roads, from 110 km / h to 100 km / h and on national roads, from 90 km / h to 80 km / h), and on the motorway, with 20 km / h.

Italy: the car is confiscated for alcohol consumption

If you have a blood-alcohol level of over 1.5 per thousand, the fine is up to 6,000 euros, and sometimes you even risk jail. In the most unfortunate case, the car can be confiscated if the person caught drunk is also the owner of the car. Also, in the warm season (May 16 - October 14), the use of grass and all-seasons tires can be done only if their speed index is at least equal to that passed in the heel of the car. Motorcyclists who are caught without a helmet are punished even more severely: they risk being arrested for 60 days.

The strangest traffic rules: What is the traffic light tax?

Austria: Traffic light fee for the unjustified summoning of police officers

For accidents resulting only in material damage to which the police are called, although they can be settled amicably, an additional fee of 36 euros is charged.

Switzerland: Speeding can send you to prison

The worst traffic violations can leave you without 10,000 Swiss francs (about 9,300 euros). If you are classified as a "speedster", you risk at least one year in prison and confiscation of the car. Speedsters are those who exceed the legal speed by more than 40 km / h in areas limited to 30 km / h, by more than 50 km / h in the city, by more than 60 km / h outside the locality and by more than 80 km / h on the highway.

Spain: Discount on fast payment of fines

The system is similar to that in Romania, except that the reduction of the fines by half is applied for 20 days. Also, cars must have two reflective triangles, not just one. The provision also applies to rented cars, so check when picking up the car to have two triangles. Otherwise, the driver is good to pay. And it is also important for you to keep a reflective vest in the car.

Greece: No parking at certain times

It is easy to break the traffic rules in Greece. For example, did you know that prohibited parking signs with a vertical line in the middle refer to odd weeks, and those with two vertical lines to even weeks? Also, unlike Spain and Romania, in Greece, the fines are doubled if they are not paid in 10 days. For example, instead of a fine of 350 euros for switching to red, you will have to pay 700 euros.

Apart from the strange traffic rules, those traveling by car in Europe have to take into account the tolls that have to be paid. And before the trip, it doesn't hurt to check the car like a book, so as not to have any surprises on the way.

The strangest traffic rules in Europe

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