The selection of the safety vests


Cycling in town is subject to a few rules of good conduct, starting with the awareness of your own vulnerability to motorized vehicles. For your safety, you must have equipment that makes you visible to other users:

For pedestrians: opt for light clothing or with reflective stripes;

For cyclists and scooter users: have suitable lighting in perfect working order on their bicycle or scooter and adopt the wearing of a retro-reflective vest, especially when visibility is poor.

Indispensable in the event of an emergency stop as on a construction site, the safety vest is also essential signaling equipment. Allowing the wearer to be easily seen, the yellow vest is a guarantee of safety. To be compliant with the regulations and effective, it must however obey a certain number of rules.

So how to choose your safety vest?

To choose your vest, you must first make sure of its conformity. It must indeed comply with ISO standard 20471. Visible on the label of the safety vest, this acronym certifies that it has been tested in accordance with current law. When buying a yellow vest, it is also important to opt for fluorescent equipment that has, at a minimum, 2 reflective strips. These two characteristics are essential for visibility.

The reflective vest can also be chosen according to its practical characteristics. Favor moreover models offering several sizes for more comfort. This equipment can also be fitted with pockets or a lining, even for inexpensive yellow vests. And to be fully equipped, do not hesitate to buy a yellow vest and a safety triangle at the same time. Finally, keep in mind that the safety vest can also be orange, without losing its effectiveness.

The selection of the safety vests

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