Since the beginning of the winter, most of the country has always been covered in silver, and it is beautiful. In the snow, there are always some people who stick to their respective positions and silently maintain the road traffic order. The most popular scenes in WeChat of friends are all kinds of snow scenes. In fact, there is also a kind of "snow police". They are wearing reflective raincoats and are the most beautiful in the snow. In order to cope with special weather, we will do a good job in road traffic safety management under the harsh conditions of snow and effectively prevent the occurrence of serious traffic accidents. The traffic police department will take measures to spare no effort, mobilize all police, respond actively, and be brave in "first movers". Quickly start the road traffic safety plan under bad weather, and fully protect the traffic and ensure safety. The fluorescent raincoat on the street has become a beautiful landscape, attracting the attention of countless people.

The reflective raincoat is a safety sign made of strong reflective material on the basis of the structure of the upper and lower body and the shoulder symmetry or other parts without changing the structure of the existing raincoat. Therefore, the raincoat can generate a kind of dazzling reflection light through the illumination of street lamps or lights and natural light to remind the front and rear vehicles to be alert and achieve safety. In the case of poor rain and rain, the reflective raincoat serves as a traffic safety protective suit. Reflective raincoats can be divided into conjoined reflective raincoats, split reflective raincoats, reflective rain pants, and so on.

Chinastars is a manufacturer specializing in the safety protection of reflective materials. The company's products cover reflective fabrics, garment accessories and personal safety protection products. The reflective raincoat worn by the traffic police is one of the many product categories of our company.

120073 is the raincoat style promoted by our company. It has good waterproof performance and novel style, and has won the favor of traffic police in various regions. The reflective raincoat is a combination of reflective fabric and reflective material. Among them, the reflective fabric made of 300D high quality waterproof coated oxford fabric. It uses the principle of lotus leaf water repellent. The reflective raincoat has professional waterproof performance, easy to withstand heavy rain, effective windproof, anti-fouling and non-permeable. The reflective materials selected by our company independently developed and produced by the European standard high-light chemical fiber reflective strip, which will reflect strong light under strong light, play a role of safety warning, remind the driver to brake early, effectively avoid accidents, thus It ensures the safety of night traffic for traffic police and outdoor riders. The main principle is retro-reflection. The surface of the reflective strip is covered with dense particles, that is, glass beads. When a beam of light is irradiated onto the surface of the glass bead at any angle within a certain range, the microbeads are concentrated due to the high refractive index of the glass beads. On the back surface reflective layer, the reflective layer returns light to its source along the incident direction, thereby acting as a safety alert.


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