The popular reflective material


As time changes, reflective material is becoming increasingly popular in daily life. In the past, we only saw the safety vest worn by the police, other people almost did not wear it because it was not cool and seemed not useful. With the progress of society, more and more reflective material productions become popular.

For work, we can see that not only the police wear safety vests for safety, but also the road dustmen and other workers wear reflective clothing when they are working. It can enhance visibility and keep them safer on the road when the light is dim at night.

For exercise, many people will wear clothes made with reflective tape, or wear a reflective tape on hand when they are running at night. And the cyclists will make up their bikes with reflective tape, and take a reflective bag to make them be seen.

For relaxation, many people also prepare a dog safety vest for their dog when they go out for a walk, so we also can see a dog wearing a safety vest in parks or communities.

reflective material for clothing

Reflective material is a good thing in that it can enhance visibility and let people be seen in the dark. Our living environment becomes worse with the development of industry, the city usually be enveloped in heavy fog. Going out wearing a safety vest or other reflective accessories can make us safer.

reflective material

Chinastars Reflective Material offers a wide range of high-quality reflective products designed to improve safety in various situations. From safety vests and reflective tapes to customized reflective gear, Chinastars provides effective solutions to enhance visibility and protect individuals in low-light conditions.

1. Silver Reflective Fabric Tape: Made with poly/TC/spandex fabric/cotton backing, this tape offers high visibility and is washable. It is EN20471, ANSI 107, and OEKO-TEX 100 certified, ensuring it meets international standards for safety and quality.


2. Fashion Reflective Fabric: We provide various kinds of reflective fabrics. The reflective effect, backing fabric, color, and patterns can be customized. These fabrics combine safety with style, making them ideal for trendy clothing and accessories.


3. Reflective Heat Transfer Logo: Ideal for adding to clothing, bags, and other items, these logos enhance visibility and can be customized for various designs. They are easy to apply and durable, ensuring long-lasting reflectivity.


By choosing Chinastars Reflective Material products, you can ensure greater safety for yourself.


The popular reflective material

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