The importance of reflective strips for school uniforms


Reflective tapes are a very common safety protection material that reflects the surrounding light at night, thus providing a certain warning to passers-by and drivers. According to different materials, it can be divided into chemical fiber reflective cloth, TC reflective cloth, elastic reflective cloth, flame retardant reflective cloth, which widely used in reflective vests, reflective overalls, labor insurance clothing, bags, shoes, umbrellas, raincoats, etc.

Nowadays, with the increasing awareness of safety protection, reflective materials are gradually being used in student uniforms. Students wear uniforms with reflective strips. When the weather is dark, the driver of the car can use this sign to determine the student's position and take deceleration or avoidance measures as soon as possible. On the way to and from school, the traffic safety factor has greatly improved. Because the competition in China's college entrance examination is fierce, students, parents, and schools are actively adopting ways to learn a certain amount of time in the morning and evening to improve their academic performance within the scope of physical, intellectual, and various regulations. This is understandable, but this has caused some students to work in the morning and evening. Especially in the winter half-year suburban highway, when crossing the road, the driver can't see the students who go home and go to school in the morning and evening like the road workers with reflective signs or reflective vests. It is easy to cause major traffic disasters. According to the survey, the reflective parts of each set of uniforms before and after the school uniforms need 0.01 square meters, and the brand reflective fabric on the market is about 25 yuan per square meter, that is, the cost of the reflective cloth strips on the obvious parts before and after each uniform is about 0.25 yuan. It will cause an economic burden. Therefore, it is in line with the theory of traffic science to attach reflective fabrics to obvious parts of school uniforms.

Founded in 2003, Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective Material is a manufacturing plant specializing in the production of reflective fabrics, integrating research, development, production, sales, and service of reflective materials. As a manufacturer of products focused on the safety of reflective materials, Hangzhou Chinastars Reflective is committed to providing consumers with professional quality, stable quality, and fashionable safety protection products. The company mainly engaged in all kinds of reflective materials, reflective chemical fiber, reflective TC, reflective hot stickers, reflective flame retardant, reflective vests, etc.

The importance of reflective strips for school uniforms

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