The importance of reflective materials in life


For the next few years and even decades the acceleration of our country's highway traffic construction, the implementation of the strategy of urbanization and urbanization. China's openness to further expand, the tourism industry of cake bigger, and people in pursuit of fashion, colorful reflective membrane life reflective material in our country and the world market development prospect is good.

At present, China's reflective materials mainly include reflective ink, reflective marking paint, reflective clothing, reflective leather, reflective ribbon, and reflective safety silk fabrics. The reflective material is able to reflect light, mainly depending on the vast majority of reflective materials containing a kind of high refractive index glass bead, just because of its existence, which will be reflected by the original way back to the light source, the formation of a return reflection phenomenon.

At present, the application of reflective materials mainly focuses on two major market areas. One is the planned special market and the other is the civilian market. Plan special market has formed a considerable scale at present, the civilian market has huge potential, for the world of reflective materials pioneer 3M, the United States, and other reflective materials industry giants.

The main reasons for the reflective material are as follows:

1. Warn others. Outside or on the road, if the light is too dark to be perceived, you can be potentially dangerous. For example, if you get lost, a rescue worker can find you quickly with a reflective strip.

2. Avoid safety hazards. Some construction workers mistakenly think it is unnecessary to wear a reflective helmet, so they do not often wear a helmet. Some want to keep cool and block the sun and wear straw hats. In essence, wearing the reflective safety helmet is not only responsible for oneself, but also to the family. To a certain extent, the reflective safety helmet can play a certain protective role for construction workers who work at night and also protect the human head from external injuries.

3. Improve the safety factor. Some people like to walk on the road, at this time there is a piece of reflective clothing can greatly improve the safety factor, this reflection is very bright when the naked eye is looking, if you are driving, you can see clearly in front and behind, just like the pointing signal on the highway at night when the light reaction is obvious. That's why sanitation workers' clothes are made of reflective fabric. This can increase their safety factor to some extent.

Drivers are driving at night, due to opposite traffic lights, road lights, tall searchlights, and neon lights advertising effect, easy to cause traffic accidents. The reflective material sign under the irradiation of light from the bright light is particularly eye-catching, can remind the driver to pay attention to the relevant traffic information, and improve driving safety. In the rain, fog, sand, and other low visibility weather, reflective material is more to highlight its value. Therefore, many developed country's regulations, road, and rail traffic signs, body reflective material must be used before and after, the international Marine rescue agencies also life-saving equipment must be equipped with reflective material, to facilitate night search and rescue work.

At present, countries in the continuous development of traffic safety supplies, more attention to reflective materials for comfort and beauty. Not only the basic material of material is various, and color and luster also develop from one folder silver ash to classics, yellow, green, blue wait for color and luster. It is worth mentioning particularly is, foreign already appeared to contain tall refractive index glass micro beads reflection printing ink, can be printed on the dress, and see the color of substrate, will reflect ink and fabric color to close, day and common clothing is the same, but when there is light at night, the pattern appears immediately. This kind of clothing collection fashion, beauty, safety in one, become a new army in the clothing industry.

Hangzhou Chinastars reflective material co., LTD., as a local manufacturer of reflective products and reflective clothing, made corresponding actions to better guarantee the safety of night runners after learning the news. The company decided to provide a batch of reflective t-shirts, reflective vests, reflective prints and reflective pendants for local night running groups and individuals in Hangzhou. The specific type of gift will depend on the night running team and individual. You can also log on Taobao or Tmall, search "CNSS flagship store", want to consult our online customer service staff, to get their own type of reflective products.

As a leading enterprise in the safety protection industry, we are concerned about the safety of every citizen. A small reflective material brings not only the safety at night but also the attention of every staff in Chinastars.

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