The dog as safe as its owner


With autumn time, it is important to find ways to ensure that you stay safe while you walk your dog when it is already dark at 4: 30 p.m. As daylight fades and more people take their dogs for walks in low light, it is important to raise awareness of what is more dangerous for dogs: low light and poor visibility at night.

Proper night safety can reduce the risks associated with walking your dog at night, and help them feel safer when they go for a walk after dark. If you follow these tips for dog walking in the evening, you can give your dogs a safe walk and you don't have to take your puppy out for a long walk during the day, which can be one of the most stressful times in their lives. Find a dog walker who comes out before sunset and take him out after they've been out too long.

While walking the dog after dark can be an entertaining adventure, the night can also pose potential dangers that normal safety practices alone cannot address. Even dogs that are well leashed can get scared and get lost at night when it is a bit difficult to see or move. Nocturnal critters are also to be considered - even neighborhood cats roam at night, and even the occasional stray dog or even a stray cat in the middle of the street can have been a distraction for the dog. When dogs run across the road, the probability of being hit by a car at night in poor visibility is high.

During the day, a well-lit collar can prevent the dog from being hurt by drivers or others if they do not see it. However, in low light and darkness, visibility is significantly reduced and less distance is seen. Dog reflective vests can make it easier to locate your dog and reduce the likelihood that the dog will be run over by a driver who cannot see it or if the dog gets away in the dark. Drivers of cars and trucks do not always see dogs as dogs at night, nor do pedestrians, cyclists, and other animals.

If you keep your dog on a lead, better visibility in low light conditions can help keep it safe. A reflective leash makes your pet visible and alerts vehicles and passers-by - so you are there. If your puppy gets away or if you are in a region where it is traveling - use a flashlight, reflex zones, or reflective vest to find it quickly.

When it comes to better visibility for your puppy, avoid dark clothing and stick to well-lit sidewalks and paths and avoid walking on well-lit streets so you can see your surroundings. Walk in the middle of the road so that drivers can see you and your dog, and on a well-lit street, such as a sidewalk or footpath.

The dog as safe as its owner

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